The bandy wine world is a large multi-functional wine cabinet in Hong Kong and Macao. Nearly 3000 feet business area, located in convenient transportation of the port of switch off, the main red wine futures, entrepot trade, wholesale, and retail services, is a modern wine trading platform.

Nearly a decade, has opened the international Bandy, the best sommelier Choi Mr Cui Qirong successful operations, guide and lead the market rose and direction in the future, directly or indirectly affect the wine fans and investors to obtain stable and generous returns. As a result, the MGSB consortium, a French semi-official organization, was authorized as an international goodwill ambassador in 2008. In 2011, Mr Cui was the development research center management world magazine invited biography, one of the list of the one hundred world outstanding chinesebusinessman, with a number of well-known Hong Kong and Macao and southeast Asia Chinese codified in the big book. In the same year, Mr Cui was awarded a special status by the st. Emillion association of France on the right side of France.




  • Legendary Chinese Robert Parker in wine industry

    MGSB Cui Qirong, an international wine taster, has gone to France for many times a year to evaluate wine. In 2009, visited the CH.Leovile Poyferre for the first day of the wine test, leaving the "super test wine today, tomorrow's appreciation of the world," the comments, Saint praise new wine. Cui Qirong MGSB is the world's leading pre administration of red Wine exposed child Fu (2009) Robert Parker100 points out the international sommelier. This photo was taken in February 25, 2010 Manor wine tasting room, then the world's most famous wine tasting experts have written on the wall, and no one will be a full evaluation of this wine wine. Tasting period wine has always been recognized as a world wine expert evaluation of the difficult work, Cui Qirong MGSB professional level, recognized by the wine industry

  • Cui Qirong international sommelier award and personal progress

    Since 1995, the wine business has been officially developed, and professional knowledge of wine tasting has been conducted in Bordeaux, france. 1996, in Bordeaux, France, to accept the black room sommelier special training. In 2008 France won the semi official MSGB Wine Association awarded the title of international goodwill ambassador (COMMANDERIE DU.BORDEAUX) 2011 acquisition of French bank Association awarded a knighthood (JURADE DE SAINT-EMILION) in 2011 for the State Council Development Research Center, "Journal of management published" Chinese world "meritorious service" 100 world outstanding Chinese one. In 2014 won the Burgundy Wine medieval Association - Knight of wine in 2014 by the French champagne Association awarded the knight of champagne

  • Agree to the business philosophy of Bandy red wine, and abide by our various joining system and business rules

  • Having a certain economic strength and economic ability, having extensive and good social relations

  • The brand is the first, the prestige first is the management mind and the consciousness, has the market strain ability and the competition ability